Ionic Industries

Australia's first company focused on the
commercialisation of graphene technologies



SuperSand in various forms, which may be used as cost-effective water filtration solutions for removal of different pollutants


Nano-filtration membranes

Nano-filtration membranes with extraordinary properties making them potentially applicable in a range of industries


Super Capacitors

High performance super-capacitors that we believe will provide unique performance characteristics

About Ionic Industries

Ionic Industries Limited (being “Company” or “Ionic”) is Australia’s first company focused on the commercialisation of graphene technologies. After achieving a range of critical milestones over the past five years and a number of recent successes, we are planning for our next stage of growth and progress toward developing real applications for graphene based technologies in the fields of energy storage, nano-filtration and water treatment.

The Ionic Business Model

The central driver of the Ionic business is our strategic partnership with Monash’s research department that is at the cutting edge of graphene research.

Ionic’s business model involves an exclusive collaboration with Monash University (Monash) to identify and then develop graphene technologies that have commercial potential. Through our collaboration with Monash, Ionic holds an existing portfolio of licensed intellectual property through the development and production of commercial products.

Ionic’s arrangement with Monash include the right to manufacture and/or distribute the products.

Over the Horizon Research

Ionic Industries also has several early stage technologies that we plan to pursue and which we consider have enormous potential: graphene metal organic frameworks and graphene spheres.

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