Team members

Board and Executive

Mr Simon Savage serves as Managing Director. Simon has been a key contributor at Ionic over a number of years, supporting the company’s strategic planning and partnership initiatives. Simon’s experience in business and project management, strategic planning and stakeholder engagement will be critical in focusing Ionic’s research efforts, prioritising the commercialisation of our most advanced technologies and concluding partnership agreements.

Mr Chris Gilbey OAM, Non-Executive Director. Chris has a long history in entrepreneurial pursuits founding and building IP-based businesses. He was CEO of digital signal processing company, Lake Technology (ASX) before selling Lake to Dolby Labs (NYSE).  He then consulted to Dolby, helping build their consumer electronics licensing business activities in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. After Dolby he became Entrepreneur in Residence at the ARC Centre of Excellence in Electromaterials Science where he was responsible for spinning out a hydrogen technology venture that has recently re-located to the US.  Most recently, Chris co-founded the Australian Graphene Industry Association, to help promote and facilitate the development of graphene technologies developed by Australian companies.

Chris currently serves (and will continue to serve) as the CEO and Executive Chairman of Imagine Intelligent Materials Limited.  Imagine built the first commercial graphene manufacturing plant in Australia and has pioneered the development of conductive coatings using graphene.  They were the first to develop leak detection solutions in geotextiles using graphene. Imagine’s approach is to develop solutions and materials that can be deployed into existing manufacturing processes and supply chains with a certification process that ensures replicability and consistency, ensuring users will trust the product.  Chris has built valuable relationships with research groups at universities in Australia and beyond, including Swinburne University, Deakin, RMIT, CSIRO, the University of Wollongong and the University of Oklahoma, and with ARENA2036 at the University of Stuttgart.  Imagine’s graphene plant was the recipient of the Innovation, Research and Development Award from Engineers Australia for 2016.

Chris’s past experience at Imagine very closely resembles the journey Ionic is now working through and we benefit from his expertise in the graphene industry to drive progress on the commercialisation of our own graphene technologies.  Chris brings with him a wealth of sales and marketing nous, strategic vision in the start-up space and unique experience in building businesses based on collaboration and innovation.  These are all attributes that will greatly benefit Ionic as we move into the next phase of our evolution looking to near-term commercial outcomes from some of our technologies.

Mr Peter Armitage, serves as Chairman of the Board of Ionic Industries. Peter Armitage began his professional career over 40 years ago with an international accounting firm, specialising in start-ups and work-outs. After qualification he was invited into partnership of a national firm that he maintained until he set up his own practice in 1978, of which he remains principal. Since the early 1980’s he has been a Director of a number of listed exploration companies in both Australia and New Zealand concentrating on fiscal aspects of project modelling and procurement of capital. Recently he has been responsible for a number of successful IPOs supervising Due Diligence and Corporate Governance matters as well as attending to all compliance matters. Mr Armitage has also been involved in various consulting assignments in Peoples Republic of China, Canada, USA, Hong Kong, and UK for Fortune 500 companies. Mr Armitage also holds directorships in ASX listed entities including Strategic Energy Resources (ASX: SER) and Peako Limited (ASX: PKO).

Mr Dennis Hong, Business Development Manager. Dennis has decades of business and financial experiences in startup and public companies.   He is responsible for engaging potential business partners and investors to accelerate the commercialisation of Ionic’s advanced graphene technologies to a range of markets.

Company Secretarial

Justin Mouchacca holds a Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting. He graduated from RMIT University in 2008, became a Chartered Accountant in 2011 and since July 2013 has been the principal of chartered accounting firm, Leydin Freyer Corp Pty Ltd.

The practice provides outsourced company secretarial and accounting services to public and private companies specialising in the Resources, technology, bioscience and biotechnology sectors.

Justin has over 8 years’ experience in the accounting profession and has extensive experience in relation to public company responsibilities, including ASX and ASIC compliance, control and implementation of corporate governance, statutory financial reporting, reorganisation of Companies and shareholder relations.

Monash team

Led by Associate Professor Mainak Majumder, the following persons comprise the Monash team:

Professor Majumder applies fundamentals of materials science, notably Carbon, to emerging and multidisciplinary areas of separation engineering & energy storage and in doing so, creates scientific & business opportunities. He has developed an international reputation for inventing innovative fabrication & processing methods, grounded on strong fundamentals, with impact in a wide gamut of engineering applications for e.g. membrane-based separations, supercapacitors, batteries, strain sensors, micro-/nano-fluidics and anti-corrosion coatings.

He is a nationally recognized leader in industry engagement & translational research on graphene. His track record & standing in this topical area is such that he has received ARC funding continually (LP11, LP14) and most recently, ARC Graphene Hub (IH16). His LP11 was the first ever Australian research grant establishing a deep symbiotic University-Industry relationship reliant on creating IP surrounding graphene.  He has created an ‘innovation ecosystem’ involving early stage corporate investment, competitive public funding, scientific discovery, patenting & licensing intellectual property, joint-venturing with end-users & commercialization, generally in the order stated. He has published > 50 articles in journals inclusive of Nature, Nature Chemistry, Nature Communications, and has received >3400 citations with an h-index of 24. He has delivered >20 invited talks in countries such as US, China, Portugal, UK, Australia & India.

Dr Banerjee has always been fascinated by the electrochemical processes, particularly in the areas of energy storage, conversion and corrosion. This fascination led her Monash University to pursue a PhD examining the effect of various surface modifications on the electrochemical kinetics of a degrading metal surface. After her PhD, she integrated her knowledge in electrochemistry with carbon-based nanomaterials and ventured into the field of energy storage and conversion. Her current research interest includes, electrochemistry of various interfaces, energy storage materials and systems, advanced carbon based materials, corrosion, functional coatings and nanotechnology and nanomaterials.

Meysam received his Ph.D. degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in 2013. Prior to his PhD, he completed a bachelors degree in Materials Science and Engineering in Shiraz University, Iran. He has spent 5 years at the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR as a Research Scientist. In March 2018, he joined the group as a Postdoc focusing on design and fabrication of supercapacitors. For the last 10 years, he has been focused on materials processing, device fabrication and prototyping.

Having chemistry as the foundation Dilusha Cooray put her stepping stone for research by entering Monash University to pursue her PhD in electroanalytical chemistry, exploring the field of sensors gaining knowledge and expertise in electrochemistry, nanochemistry and material synthesis. Her combine expertise in material science and electrochemistry led her to pursuit the field of energy storage after her PhD in 2017. During her PhD study, she was able to publish several journal articles as the first author, in reputed journals and had the opportunity to present at international conferences. As a scientist, her current research interest includes graphene oxide chemistry, graphene supercapacitors, sensors, electrocatalysis, metal nanoparticles, electron transfer kinetics and surface.

Sam received his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering as part of Mainak’s research group NSEL at Monash University in 2017. He is an Endeavour Scholar and part of his Ph.D. in 2016 was spent researching at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris. Prior to his Ph.D. he studied a double degree in Mechatronics Engineering and Science at Monash University. He works as a Postdoc in the group developing graphene oxide membranes.

Sebastián Hernández is a Research Fellow of the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Monash University. He received his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Kentucky, followed by one-year post-doctoral position, also at the University of Kentucky. He completed a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the National University of Colombia and a master’s degree in Civil Engineering at University of Los Andes, Colombia. Sebastián joined the group in March 2018 focusing his research activities to the development of commercial – scale nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes using Graphene Oxide. His experience encompasses surface functionalization, polymers, environmental processes, water treatment and nanocomposites.

Shannon graduated from his B.Sc (Chemistry) and M.Sc (Chemistry) from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, in 2014. Since then he has been heavily focused on industry/academic research programs, with particular focus on developing novel adsorption materials for wastewater treatment. Shannon joined the NSEL team in June 2017 under the umbrella of a CRC-P (Power Efficient Wastewater Treatment Using Graphene Oxide Technology) to further pursue his interest in this area.

Associate Professor. Specialises in biomedical devices, microfluidics, sample handling and cell manipulation.

Dusan Djordjevic a.k.a “Douchie” completed his BSc/BEng (Mechanical) from Monash University in 2018. He joined the NSEL team in February 2017 as a laboratory assistant and has been working on a graphene oxide based membrane project since then. He emphasises a strong focus on a balance between both theoretical and practical applications of science and engineering.

He likes to spend his personal time designing a better society; including but not limited to: an overhaul of the education structure with a particular focus on the art of teaching mathematics and science to new generations, and a re-structuring of the financial and judicial systems to promote a fair social structure to the individual, a more precise and modular language structure, a significantly stronger correlation between the governing bodies and governed individuals to facilitate the needs of the individual and utmost transparency in governing bodies as a means to minimise the potential for corruption.

Reza, graduated from Monash University with double Master of Chemical Engineering and Business (Marketing), is an experienced and passionate analytical chemist specialized in Chromatographic techniques.

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