Ionic’s Relationships

Ionic’s Primary Relationships

Ionic’s Primary Relationships

Ionic’s innovative business model represents a new approach to partnership between business, government and research institutions.

A key strength of Ionic is its network of relationships across industries and sectors. Ionic has forged a number of relationships that will be critical to our success in leveraging University-born research and technologies into real-world, industrial applications.

Monash University

For the past six years, Ionic has worked closely with the research teams at Monash to ensure that their outstanding work in the laboratory is used to generate benefits that reach far beyond the laboratory.  Ionic embodies this vision and will continue to work with Monash to bring the technologies to market.

The Monash research team in the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Laboratory changes from time to time as different researchers contribute to the research efforts at different stages of the programs.  Associate Professor Mainak Majumder has led the team since its inception together with a number of key individuals who have contributed to the research over many years.

Clean TeQ

An example of Ionic’s commercialisation strategy is its partnership with Clean TeQ (ASX: CLQ) for the development and commercialisation of Ionic’s graphene-based water and wastewater treatment technologies.

The aim of the Clean TeQ partnership is to:

  • Incorporate Ionic’s SuperSand technology into new low cost water treatment solutions and to substitute that technology and products derived from it for activated carbon in current markets; and
  • Incorporate Ionic’s GO membrane technology into nano-filtration membrane products for use in water and wastewater filtration applications in industrial and municipal markets.

For Ionic Industries, this partnership represents a significant validation of its graphene-based technologies.

For a large and successful technology-based company like Clean TeQ to co-invest in Ionic’s technology and to explore ways of incorporating Ionic’s technologies into new commercial products is a show of confidence in Ionic’s selection of Projects over the past 6 years.  It represents major progress toward commercialisation of one of Ionic’s technologies.

Clean TeQ Founder and Executive Director, Peter Voigt has been key to establishing this commercialisation through his strategic focus on the introduction of new technologies which compliment Clean TeQ’s unique Continuous Ionic Filtration (CIF®) technology (see

Laminar Co. Ltd

An MOU has been entered into with Korean manufacturer Laminar Co Limited (Laminar) for the purpose of collaborating on manufacturing of graphene and graphene oxide materials. Ionic has entered into this MOU because it can see the value in combining Ionic’s technology (through Monash) with the high-volume production of graphene using Laminar’s unique capabilities.

The MOU recognises the parties have areas of mutual interest in the field of manufacturing graphene and GO materials and a common interest in cooperation in relation thereto involving:

  • Exchange of information about graphene and GO materials;
  • Exchange of information about methods of manufacturing, handling and applying graphene and GO materials;
  • Identifying further areas for collaboration around the scientific and engineering disciplines associated with graphene and GO manufacturing;
  • Identification of commercialisation opportunities, including markets, customers and commercial partnerships;
  • Development and protection of intellectual property in the field of graphene and GO production; and
  • Opportunities around government programs that may be used to accelerate research and development.

This MOU is the first step in establishing a relationship with Laminar that may lead to Ionic’s first revenues through licencing of its intellectual property.  This initiative represents collaboration with a dynamic, progressive manufacturer that is well-aligned with Ionic’s goals and objectives as a technology platform built around expertise in graphene and GO materials.