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Ionic is built on the strength of our relationships and our collaborative approach to R&D and commercialisation of technologies. In keeping with this we aim to keep all our shareholders, friends and allies up to date with what we’re doing (to the extent possible without compromising commercially sensitive information). You can find all the latest updates on Ionic's presentations, research and planning.

IDTechEx Presentation

On 15 November, Ionic Industries Managing Director, Simon Savage joined Ionic Research Leader, Prof Mainak Majumder to address the IDTechEx Show! conference in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA.   The conference focused on a range of technologies and markets including 3D printing, electric vehicles, energy storage innovations, graphene and 2D materials, IoT applications, printed electronics, sensors and wearables. […]

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National Manufacturing Week – Ionic Industries Presentation

Ionic Industries CEO, Simon Savage spoke to the National Mnaufacturing Week Conference in the Industry 4.0 Theatre.  Representatives from a broad range of industries attended and the commentary and discussion at the end reflected the importance of graphene technlogies for the future of manufacturing in Australia. Ionic Industries – NMW Ionic Industries – NMW (notes)

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Updated investor presentation

So we’re all on the same page, here is a quick presentation that we have shown to several potential investors. Ionic Investor Presentation February 2018

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Ionic Industries 2017 AGM Presentation

Thank you to all those who attended our AGM on Monday… it was a positive forum with a lot of good questions and ideas.  It really helps us to understand what all of our shareholders expect and want to hear about. Here is the presentation that was displayed during the discussion: Ionic_AGM Presn_Nov17 FINAL

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Ionic Industries AGM Presentation

Ionic Industries’ CEO Mark Muzzin presented on the company’s progress and recent activities to its Annual General Meeting on 8 Dec 2015. Ionic Industries AGM Presentation

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