IDTechEx Presentation

On 15 November, Ionic Industries Managing Director, Simon Savage joined Ionic Research Leader, Prof Mainak Majumder to address the IDTechEx Show! conference in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA.   The conference focused on a range of technologies and markets including 3D printing, electric vehicles, energy storage innovations, graphene and 2D materials, IoT applications, printed electronics, sensors and wearables.

Our presentation on graphene micro planar supercapcaitors (MICRENs), delivered in the showcase Exhibhition Theatre, was well received and we’ve developed a number of leads to follow up on, particularly in regard to collaborations on developing our MICRENs technology.

To view the pdf presentation, click here: IDTechEx Presentation

Or to download the ppt, click here: Ionic MICRENs for IDTechEx