Ionic August Update

Its been a busy period with some good media exposure, conference participation, important research progress and working through the tax office processes for our investors’ taxation benefits.
August has been a busy period on a number of fronts for Ionic.

Following our highly successful rights issue, we have been busy negotiating with the Australian Taxation Office over the process for registering our investors for the benefits available under the Government’s Early Stage Investment Company scheme.  With over 450 subscribers in our rights issue, the ATO’s existing processes were not sufficient to handle the volume of transactions efficiently.  We are in the process of submitting subscribers’ information to the ATO and will provide an additional update shortly … So, an enormous thank you to all who have taken part.  Following the rights issue, we’ve been busy working on the shortfall offer for investors to take up to a further $2 million in shares before mid-September.

In the news, we have received some great exposure in a number of places:

  • An article on our revolutionary supercapacitor technology appeared in The Australian on 24 July (you can read the text here if you missed it)
  • A transcript of an interview with Managing Director, Simon Savage appeared on AZoMaterials website … here 
  • An article on our water treatment work is up on the Australian Government Department of Innovation website … here

In case you missed it, Simon also presented at the recent Internet of Smart Materials conference.  You can view the presentation materials here.

On our research, we’ve made some important progress:

  • Our Graphene Oxide production processes have been tested extensively with our Korean partners, Laminar and the results have been very positive, confirming all of our previous work.
  • Our water treatment work has been progressing, we’ve overcome a few technical hurdles and are now working towards the first production milestones of the CRC-P program.
  • We’ve beaten a number of technical challenges recently in our supercapacitor work and we’re now in the process of assembling a commercial prototype (more exciting news on this in the near future).